Fuel Tank with 22,5 gallons / 85 liters

Ref: 2014-2015-2016-rzr-xp-1000-2016-rzr-xp-turbo-fuel-cell

Aluminium fuel cell/tank/bladder with maximum capacity of 22,5 gallons / 85 liters.

Remote filler on original place or client choice.

Uses original fuel pump and level sending unit.

Discriminator valve that automatically shuts off vent flow when fuel level reaches the valve.

The only fuel cell/tank/bladder accorded with Portuguese off road championship (CNTT). Accorded with FIA recommendations.

Note 1: The battery needs to be moved to a new position and some plastics need to be cuted.

Note 2: A new seat structure has to be applied and reinforced with some parts welded to the chassis.

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